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If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

rosetta__stone: sleep is but to dream about her: "stars belong with the gods and sleep to the mere mortals"



"Sometime back there was this article in the NYT and a line from that article caught my eye -

Information is no longer a scarce resource - attention is."


The Dilbert Blog

The Dilbert Blog


Aeon Flux Movie - Official Site: AeonFlux.com

I watched the animated version on MTV while studying in UK. Now they are making a movie out of it!!!


The Critical Eye | Ćon Flux

The Critical Eye | Ćon Flux


Peter Chung interview, creator UGO.com Film/TV -

Peter Chung interview, creator UGO.com Film/TV -: "UGO: I know you garnered great success with Aeon Flux. But after it became a regular series, it lost popularity. What happened there?

PC: When Aeon Flux was on Liquid TV, it was being done very cheaply and therefore with a great deal of freedom from network scrutiny. Once MTV began investing in earnest, I came under a lot more pressure to tone down the content, for the sake of the censors, and partly to appease the sponsors. Even so, the series attracted a new fanbase which actually preferred the later episodes.

UGO: Was Aeon Flux a good experience?

Peter Chung InterviewPC: Although the production period was arduous in the extreme, in the end, yes. I took it on as a challenge to expand the range of the animated series as a medium for personal expression. And I think we succeeded in most instances. I'm especially pleased with having created a truly complex main character in Aeon herself. I also realized that serial television is not the outlet for the kind of animation I want to do. There are just too many compromises one is forced to make."


An Artist Sells Out: How MTV Killed AEon Flux

a name Peter Chung


Reporters sans fronti?res - Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

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Then, of course, there is the question of attributions. Or wrong ones, for that matter. Professors Anthony Hewish and Martin Ryle were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1974 for the discovery of Pulsars. But they didn’t, actually. Jocelyn Bell, Hewish’s graduate student, did. This caused some of the community members, including famed astronomer Fred Hoyle, to condemn the award to the recipients whence the actual discoverer was not even mentioned. Ah, but haven’t we met these cases before? They formed part of Scientific History’s urban legends and will definitely get lost in the pages of what H.G. Wells termed as “history being written purely by the victors.”

Consider these:- It wasn’t Galileo who invented the pendulum in the 17th century. It was Ibn Younis Al-Masri in the 10th. It wasn’t the medieval European thinkers who first thought that the earth was round: Ibn Kherdazba, who died in 885, wrote about it much earlier. And the words “it is necessary that all heavy bodies organic or inorganic tend to and gravitate towards the center of the world” was not first written by Newton, but rather by Arab thinker Abu-Hussein Ahmad Al-Sahi much earlier. 11th century al-Karaki wrote two books in which he first developed methods for finding square roots, the theory of indices, mathematical induction and intermediate quadratic equations, and Non-Euclidean geometry was invented by Nasiruddin al-Tusi. Al-Khwarizmi wrote and developed so many new mathematical methodologies that an entire mathematical discipline was derived from his name.

Ibn Firnas of Islamic Spain invented, constructed and tested a flying machine in the 800's A.D., about 700 years before Leonardo da Vinci. And in the 10th century, ar-Razi wrote an in-depth treatise on the venous system, accurately describing the function of the veins and their valves while Ibn an-Nafs and Ibn al-Quff in the 13th century provided full documentation on blood circulation and correctly described the physiology of the heart and the function of its valves 300 years before William Harvey.

We are also taught that the first surgery performed under inhalation anesthesia was conducted by C.W. Long, an American, in 1845. But six hundred years prior to Long, Az-Zahrawi and Ibn Zuhr in Spain performed hundreds of surgeries under inhalation anesthesia with the use of narcotic-soaked sponges which were placed over the face. But unlike Karl Sachaw, Professor of Semitic languages at the University of Vienna, who concluded that al-Biruni was at the top of all the world geniuses, none of these pundits got so much as being mentioned even in passing, let alone adorn the footnotes of school textbooks.


The Book Review Blog - Blog, Blog, And Away!

If you look at what you do not have in life, you don't have anything,
If you look at what you have in life, you have everything.


Maklumat 2

Mentega khasiatnya memanas, melembapkan & hilangkan sembelit. Mentega yg
dicampurkan dgn kurma & madu adalah makanan yg hilangkan rasa mengidam
pd wanita hamil.

Daging ayam memudahkan penghadaman dan membetulkan imbangan badan, baik
utk otakdan badan. Jika dimakan terlalu banyak boleh menyebebkan
penyakit sendi.

Kulit kayu manis merupakan pemanas badan. Minyaknya sebagai penawar utk
hapuskan rasa tak hadam. Ia adalah campuran rempah ratus yg digunakan
dlm resepi masakan.

Limau dapat menguatkan organ hati serta menjauhkan kesedihan serta
bintik-bintik pada kulit. Ia menghapuskan kelaparan serta melambatkan
pengaliran dlm hempedu.

Timun yg masak dapat menghilangkan panas dan menggalakkan pembuangan air
kecil. Makan kurma dgn timun muda pula mampu menambahkan berat badan.

Jintan putih berkhasiat utk memanaskan badan. Jintan putih yg direndam
di dlm air dan diminum adalah baik utk mengubati perut yg memulas.

Air zam-zam banyak khasiatnya. Sabda Nabi SAW: Sebaik2 air dipermukaan
bumi ialah air zam-zam. Padanya terdapat khasiat yg menyegarkan &
penawar segala penyakit.

Khasiat telur yg paling baik boleh kita dapati drpd telur ayam (separuh
masak atau masak). Putihnya melegakan kulit apabila melecur serta
menghilangkan parut.

Khasiat ikan air tawar adalah lebih baik terutama yang makan tumbuh
tumbuhan. Ikan yg tak dimasak sukar dihadam dan mengeluarkan
ketidakseimbangan drpd badan.

Bawang putih sangat elok utk memanaskan badan. Khasiatnya membuang angin
& menggalakkan pengluaran air mani. Minyaknya digunakan utk merawat
gigitan serangga.

Minyak sapi mengandungi banyak lemak. Ia dianggap sebagai penawar
kepada racun. Campurkan dengan manisan lalu dimakan. Ia dipercayai ubat
pada makanan.

Halia berkhasiat membantu penghadaman dan memanaskan badan. FirmanNya:
Dan mereka dlm syurga itu diberi drpd sejenis minuman yg campurannya
drpd halia (76:17).

Madu atau manisan lebah apabila dicampur dgn air panas boleh mengubati
penyakit cirit birit. Dlm Al-Quran, terdapat surah An-Nahl yg
menceritakan tentang lebah.


Bits Of Reality: Million Dollar Homepage

Bits Of Reality: Million Dollar Homepage


"A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a
caring, sharing person inside."


wish list 3

i am using the basic Motorola C115 cell phone. so i don't know whether this feature already existed in the more sophisticated cell phones. ok most phones now could store songs, how about other data? we use the "thumb drive(?)", if the term is correct, which connect through the usb port to our pc. that's two different devices we have to carry along with keys in our pocket. how about incorporating the data storage capability to the cell phones through connection via the pc usb port. this would make us carry less devices inside our pocket.

if this feature already existed sorry for being not updated in what the market offered.


wish list 2

WILLCOM Inc, a Japanese lowcost wireless telephone service provider, unveils "W-Zero3", a smartphone by Sharp Corp that combines handheld computer functions with a phone. The device, which is the first phone in Japan powered by Microsoft Corp's Windows Mobile operationg system, comes with a sliding keyboard that allows users to send and receive lengthy e-mail messages as well as surf the Web and perform other data functions.


wish list

Paul Coelho "The Alchemist: A Fable about Following Your Dreams" excerpt "If you want something desperately, the whole universe will conspire to make it happen."


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