InsidePulse.com ? Television ? Ask Nick: Season 2 - Episode 1

InsidePulse.com ? Television ? Ask Nick: Season 2 - Episode 1


The Apprentice Blog

The Apprentice Blog


What? Never heard of them ...

What can I say about life?

Full of challenges? Of course. I beginning to see the meaning of "change or set to be change by other than your own self'. However when it occurs it is usually not pretty and not to your liking. Perhaps what hinders us from changing on our own is because the lack of vision and understanding of what is going on around us. We are exposed to other peoples' vision of what kind of changes they want. What is going on around us is what other peoples' vision of changes according to what they desire. Usually they belong to persons with power or money. Ever thinking of what you can do with an idle land or what you can do with your subordinate?

So what should we do? Go and seek understanding of what is going on around us? How?

Or get your own vision, and if it does not compatible with the vision of those superior than yours then what? Can I go and seek other place on this earth where my vision is acceptable?

Is there any antidote to money and power?

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