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Ladies and gentlement,
Behold the new title and description for this blog:
"Evanescent thoughts"
"Reminisce of romanticism that gone"

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Useful Articles

Useful Articles


Seeking greener pastures?

Yesterday I received a bad news. I have been shortlisted to undergo an interview last August and I attended it. The result was made known to me yesterday. I did not get the job. I was so hoping that I get the job that I have been dreaming about it since the interview. Now I feel empty and dejected. Gone are all the dreams that made my days full since August. I have nothing to look forward to. I really wanted out from my present job but that is not what God's plan for me at the moment.

Never feel so overconfident, put too much high hopes and never put all eggs in one basket was the lesson learnt. So its time to scan the daily newspapers' Appointments pages again, a remark was made by my dear wife.

One job advertisement caught my attention because of the following remark:
"Please DO NOT apply if you have the following :

  • People that have bounce around from company to company and not achieved the expectations of the company
  • People who have a reputation of poor work habits and disciplinary problems
  • People who are not tolerant and are impatient of others"

Wow, what could I say. It opened my eyes and make me question myself whether I have the above problems. But above all I have never think in that way before regarding my career and my previous employers never have had expectations! If they have that was not make clear to me. Therefore now I am stressed in a company which demand me to achieve its expectations. As a result of that I am looking for a way out.

My next course of action is to understand what making me so stressed about and to work to manage my stresses and my frustations.

That was what did I learn today about myself. How about you.